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Frite Nite

For all you "Glam Rock"/"Fun Band" fans, the good news is that ...FRITE- NITE are back !
I did report that the band who were working as "Four Minute Warning" (see review below) had said they hoped to be back next year but now have managed to reform just in time for Christmas time around our clubs .
They seem to be just as good as ever and have put in a few new funny acts such as "ozzie" and the band "on strike" leaving Lee (the lead singer) to fend for himself.
This band is based on a fun night out and that's what you get and one of FRITE-NITE's qualities,is that they seem to enjoy what they do themselves and this makes for one excellent show .
The second part of the band's show is now done out of costume but they may extend it back to being back in costume as they used to do,who knows ? Time will tell but the main thing is one of our big local groups are back on the circuit of our clubs and that's good enough for me ! Welcome back lads ... with your great show . 

Smart Ass

Smart Ass are a club "super group" who have been around a lot longer than I care to remember, then they went away, then had a spell as a duo if memory serves me right and have reformed into a full live group once again.

I was pleased to see that they have lost nothing, they sound superb as ever and as well as a good range of songs, the visual entertainment is top notch standard.

This Bradford based 4 piece band is the best thing to come from these parts (apart from a good curry) and will have you going back for more of the same. They claim to be the "Best Rock Band in the Universe"... Well I'm not so sure about that but taking into account you get to see one of the guitarist's get torched, beat up amongst other things and a few rock songs, and even a few Soul songs and other various musical variant's (Just to prove that they can).
One thing they certainly are is a very zany/funny Rock Band and highly talented with an enviable sound and show. Even the drummer shows you what he is made of with a brilliant solo he does within their act. So if your feeling a bit low or down ( cos yer Granny's just had her tonsils out or something worse) or even if your feeling Brill ! Go see SMART- ASS for a good night out, as I will be seeing them A.S.A.P  They are an entertaining Rock Band and I don't think there is anyone like them in the Universe or Rotherham that puts on a show like they do.

Jagged Edge

JAGGED EDGE are another one of the "Clubland" super groups who pull the crowds into the venues wherever they perform.

Jagged edge are a live rock band that set the standards in music and songs other AOR bands wish to achieve. A five piece band that belts out classic rock by Journey, Bon Jovi , Led Zep and Thunder to name a few of the groups they cover.

Although they have a very capable lead singer who also plays guitar, they also have lead guitarist and a bass guitarist who are very good on lead vocals too, with a keyboard player doing backing vocals as well, all this with a very good drummer makes for an excellent sound all round. There is nothing "Jagged" about what this band perform and it is easy to see why they have the edge on a lot of other bands out there.

The crowds that flock to see them perform know they are in for a musical treat with Jagged Edge.

Four Minute Warning / Picture This / Tony Wallace

I managed to catch up with the group Four Minute Warning, regular club goers will know these as the brilliant group Frite Nite. The group now have no gags or stunts to pull. They just sing their songs, mainly from the Glam Rock era, and are fronted by the very talented Lee Warris.

Four Minute Warning are a very good group, they sound great and make for a good nights entertainment, the crowd loved them. A few of the audience wished that they were the former Frite Nite band and I must admit I did too as they were the best Glam fun band around by far.
I managed to get to chat with the lead guitarist about this and he told me they had a few things planned for next year hopefully. So keep an eye out for this band and what they get up to as I have a feeling that their best is yet to come.

I also checked out the duo Picture This. Whilst on this site if you click on “Artistes” you will find a link to their web page which has a 15 minute sound track you can listen to.. (it's Brill).
Picture This are made up of Paul Graham, ex member of the group Danger Zone from years ago and the stunning looks and voice of solo artiste Angie B who has a vast amount of experience which shines throughout her performances. The only way these two could improve would be to put a live band behind them... (Well I can hope and wish). A duo that is worth going to see or at the very least listen to on their web site.

For the people who like a good laugh but don't like the club comedians who swear in their act I have found the perfect answer in the form of Mr Tony Wallace. He prides himself on the fact that he never swears on stage and he's from Cleethorpes! (only kidding about the latter mate).
I have seen this East Coast based entertainer and he never fails to amuse me with his wit or his rendition of "Apache" on his guitar. He's well worth a look if he's around the clubs of Rotherham.

Guns ‘n’ Oatcakes - at Bellhouse Road WMC, Sheffield

Not many groups can tempt me out of town but one of the groups that can is Guns and Oatcakes .

The line up is, as you would expect from this group,only the best in their field of music. The line up being Steve Oakden on drums, on guitars is Dave, a lad from Stoke and a giant of rock, well stood at six foot five he would be !

Playing on bass Guitar is Joe strummer - on a part-time basis when Paul "Fasker" Johnson is not available to play alongside his Brother Steve Johnson the front-man / Guitarist of the band.

The show they put on was great and it was good to see one of the big-name bands of clubland back playing good live rock - which can only get better as the band get used to each other and they get more of the gear they had nicked replaced.
Having said that,the sound they have now, most bands would be happy with what they gave us at the Bellhouse's gig.

Steve Johnson has always strived for the very best and in my opinion ,it will not be long before that's what he is giving to the many fans that follow this group around.
I can assure you that no one was disappointed with the show and just look forward to more of the Oatcakes sound.

Even three OAP's, easily in their 70's, who had only turned up for the Bingo, seemed impressed !

Welcome back Stevie mate !

Anyone who missed them must wait until November the 7th and the nearest venue is the Westminster at Doncaster, unless in the meantime some Rotherham club books them, I hope so.

Cafe - at the “Slip”, Maltby

I dropped into the "Slip" at Maltby to see one of my favourite bands who should have been playing there, but unfortunate personal circumstances to one of the band members made this impossible. So a replacement band was there instead, the four piece band Cafe, a very good replacement it was too.

A young rock band that plays live music - anything from Hendrix, Badfinger the Kinks, right up to recent chart hits.

The four piece band is fronted by Ryan who has grown up with this kind of music by being the son of Pete & Lynn (from the Teaser band of the past) who, I am sure, must be very proud of him and his performances. I know his dad was as he came to check them out himself!

Cafe are a band who tour the UK and overseas venues as well. This band is a must for all rock band lovers, look out for them, go see them, they are a
brilliant young band now, so what they going to be like in a few years time?
The Band play Hard they Rock and are called Cafe and I'm sure they will end up as well known as those three little words as well. Check them out sometime as I feel this band is going to be a popular top club band of the Rotherham clubs, and very soon.

Tubeless Hearts

A band worth looking at is the band, Tubeless Hearts.

This band has been around for ages, entertaining the clubs of Rotherham for years before leaving us and then returning to the scene just as good as ever, playing live and sounding excellent with brilliant vocals from all of these four lads.
(I had to put lads as Alan the frontman/lead singer/bass player insists he's only 27) - "must be the stage lights matey"!

Really it's Dave who is the "pup" of this group but when it comes to playing alongside Trev, you would think they had played together for decades, they really do sound that good on guitars together. Simon on drums makes up the foursome, again with excellent vocals.

Their songs range from the Kinks, Clapton, to Thin Lizzy and every song is a memorable one - and more so when this band play their version of it. I have recently seen this band a few times now and like the rest of the crowd (of all ages) who go to see them have not been disappointed in anything they do. A top class show worth looking out for, that's the Tubeless Hearts band.

Dee Dowling

Firstly a quick word to Doug and the staff at Eastwood Club on their new web site, best wishes for the future from the Clubbers crew on your new investment which will serve you well.
Any other club who fancies a site, just click on "your club online" and send us a note and we will sort it for you. 
I was just telling Geoff the other day "Whilst we are in a good mood , we will knock the price down a fair bit as a “first year offer"  After nearly having a heart attack he said (clean version), "Why don't you offer them a community page while you’re at it" ?  So there you have it ...If you would like your club online contact us, offers like this don't happen every day.

The other day I went to see an arts media designer at work but he wasn't putting together flash-media or anything like that.. He is the Ex BOSS front man himself, now better known as the Dee Dowling Band. A four piece band with a great vocal and musical sound, who clearly enjoy themselves on stage playing the Beatles, Who, Kinks and a whole range of other Classic hits moving up the decades. He even plays you a song off his forthcoming CD, he is trying to finish but never seems to do. Nothing could stop this bands talent shining through, not even their very own light failure!! They even got a few dancers up in the first spot, so I don't think the lights bothered the crowd much. They were too busy enjoying the Dee Dowling Band's excellent sound .  

Impossible Dream

Take a five piece band and put three very young and attractive ladies into it and you have got an impossible dream?
Well not really as the group called Impossible Dream have done exactly that.This band of at least twenty years old, used to have Graham coming out on his kiddies chopper bike, singing "Like a Bat Out of Hell" and other hits from the years back then. Well the band now do all commercial pop songs by Pink, Avril, Kim Wilde, Madonna Alana Miles, well anyone who is "female" and has been in the charts with a hit to put it another way. The band these days is made up with Leanne on lead vocals, Shelly on keyboards/vocals, Jamie on Bass/vocals, and the lads are Dylan lead guitar and Steve on drums. From what I have seen of this band and the way they have adapted to the current pop sounds , I would not be amazed if this band is still around in another twenty years from now. A very attractive band in more ways than one. 


Fancy a group who play recent and current chart hits? Are you looking for Anastacia, Justin Timberlake, Sugarbabes and Liberty X ?

Then you should be looking towards the five piece group Powerplay made up of two female lead singers and three lads, drums, bass guitar and the original band member Richard on lead guitar and keyboards. (Nice to see you again mate).
This band has seen members come and go over the years but one thing that has never left this band is a very high standard of musical talent. A very visual and fantastic sounding band to look out for. Check this band out some time for some of latest sounds around.

Goodison Avenue

Last week I wrote about a duo who became a group. This week is a group who are still a full live group but every now and again become a trio.

Take Pete, Sally and Craig out of Teazer (see archives below) and you have "Gabriella Clark Sensation" well you did have, not too long back they changed the name to Goodison Avenue. This trio is fronted by the lovely Sally who gives you a range of songs over the decades. Pete on the other hand gives you his "nightie clad" version of Queens song "I want to break free" (with no knickers on), a very popular routine with the crowds. 
It’s worth mentioning that Chris, the lighting engineer, does an excellent job making it a very watchable show with clever use of smoke and lighting.
The songs range from Meatloaf, Queen, Anastacia,The Foundations, D.J.Sammy through to Dusty Springfield, ensuring there is something for everyone of all ages. So If you’re looking for a little less Rock and a bit more Pop, then Goodison Avenue could well be the one for you.


I recently checked out a group called Ghost. Now one or two of you may be saying, "I know a duo who goes by that name". Well not anymore, the duo are now a four piece band who play rock classic songs by Meatloaf, Whitesnake, Tina Turner and Prince to name but a few.
This Band maybe only about two years old but the band members’ talents go back a lot further than that. They are fronted by the lovely powerful voice of Kerry Carlton, the lead singer of the band. Curtis the lead guitar player, a highly talented guitarist, (see him play) also knocks out a few rock songs to keep you amused. And, if this band hasn't given you enough, then there’s Steve Johnson playing bass guitar and giving you a song or two as well....
Steve the front man of Guns and Oatcakes fame, told me that he was taking time out and enjoying being part of this band after losing all of his bands equipment earlier this year.(best wishes mate).
If you like to see a double bass drum kit in action, well Steve Oakden's your man. Seems this group’s got the lot, when it comes to Rock. Look out for the band on Sat 22nd at Eastwood, Wickersley the 3rd of June and Brinsworth on the Sunday 83th of June

Greasborough Club / Tony Liddle Band

The nice weather seems to be upon us and the crowds seem to be growing in the clubs as people end a good day, with a drink or two. Now for the few who have children and a babysitter is not an option why not try Greasborough Club? I called by this club the other week on a Wednesday night to see my old mate Dennis the doorman and check a group out and was told that Wednesdays was a family night. So if you fancy a group and a pint and the kids are with you, why not give it a try ?
I managed to catch up with the Tony Liddle Band a top north east outfit. Playing some amazing cover versions of groups such as Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Journey and then catering for the more "Heavier" metal fans covering Led-Zep, and Deep-Purple to name a few. A band that attracts a good following of all age groups and from what they perform, it's easy to see why.

Freak Boutique

The Glam Rock bands are back in town, well an old favourite of mine is, Freak Boutique ... A live glam rock band that looks like David Bowies cast off's from the "ziggy" era (soz lads). They look and sound great, taking you back to the 70's era of T-rex, Sweet and the Bay City Rollers and loads of other bands from that era.

A few mates have complained that I don't put down when these groups are playing before hand, well that's cos I'm not Physchic, but I will look into my balls (must stop doing that) and see what the future holds.

Freak Boutique ... are to perform at the Consort Suite in Thurcroft on the 16th of April and if you like your Glam Bands look out for Beetlejoos on the 1st of May at Rotherham Trades Club. All that remains is for me to wish you all a Happy Easter, take care.


Three new sites for Rotherham Clubbers’ readers. 
An apartment for rent in Puerto Alcudia, Mallorca 
A Rotherham private hire taxi firm - they do airports (why pay silly car park charges at the airport?) and long distance runs for all the South Yorkshire, North Notts area and locally to and from the Woodsetts, Worksop, Dinnington, Anston area 
New - a site for The Butchers Arms at Woodsetts. Geoff



The weather Saturday night was foul to say the least and a lot of Clubbers were put off from going out but I'm glad I made the effort as I was rewarded with seeing the band TIN-RAT perform and that's what they do , very well.
This Midland based outfit are fronted by Steve Mackay (nice chatting with yer Steve) who is no stranger to the recording studios or writing their own songs, his version of the AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" was awesome, sounded just like the infamous Angus himself ...... 
No not me ! The Aussie one.
Talking with the Band, I was informed that the only other Rotherham venue they have played was the Charters Arms pub some time ago and this was their very first booking in the Clubs of Rotherham, lets hope the Concert sec's and booking agents of our clubs don't let this Band pass them by , a live band and a club filler, once they get the exposure of the Rotherham area they deserve and the clubbers realise what this band delivers. As Advertised .... "A classic rock experience " and that's what they gave us. Most people I spoke to want this band back in Rotherham, and soon hopefully, lets hope so.
You can keep up to date and look out for this band by visiting their website at

Whizz Kid

Whizz Kid are a longstanding personal favourite group of mine and a lot of other people who head straight for the venue where they happen to be performing at. The brilliant vocals of Colin Robinson are a sound I never seem to tire of listening to. When it comes to cover versions of Journey and Toto Songs, these guys are specialists but theres a lot more to the Whizz Kid. Expect anything from Bon-Jovi to Thin Lizzy.
A few years ago Whizz Kid made a CD which I bought from the Bass player Pete Harriman who joked "Its a Bargain" and he was right, as I still play it on a regular basis. Whizz Kid are a highly rated group and a great night out, a top class band.

Guns ‘n’ Oatcakes

Has anyone been wondering where Guns and Oatcakes band has been ? Well sad to say they had their van nicked with all its contents. You can read about it by going Via the Wickersley Club page off this site or go direct
The "Oatcakes relief" night was a complete success , with the only regret being that the group Tin Lizzy were unable to come along and perform but that could not dampen what was a night that many people will remember for a very long time.
The night was kicked off with 2 out of 3 and followed by Alcatraz and finally Guns and Oatcakes themselves. Just about every Rock classic/favourite song that has ever been wrote, I think was performed that night and they were still playing when i left at 11.40pm.
Steve Johnson, the lead singer of "Oatcakes" would like to say a big THANKYOU to all who have supported the group through this difficult time and looks forward to performing around Rotherham Clubs, for many years to come. 

Complete Madness

This week saw me in the presence of an old favourite of the clubs, Complete Madness. A band that has been on the stages of Rotherham Clubs for twenty years including the band’s old name of "Beat the System". This band covers the songs of the original Madness group and they themselves turned professional many years ago due to the demand for the music they play. So if you fancy a night of "One Step Beyond" and other hits from the Madness era , look out for "Kegs", the lead singer and his group who are all local lads from the Barnsley area, old pit lads ,made good.
For Dates and information on this group, check out their Web site:-

Wickersley Social / Beetlejoos

Thought I'd have a drop in on one of my more local clubs, who I have to say are a club going places as they have their very own web site, Wickersley Social Club.
The group who were performing were BEETLEJOOS. 
A fun band along the lines of "Frite-Nite", who seem to have vanished off the face of Clubland. It’s not every night you get to see the lead singer carried on stage in a coffin! Only for him to jump out and transform from Beetlejoos into Adam Ant, Tom Jones, the Mavericks, oh, and a sweet transvestite as well.
The group even has their own mini Laser show. A show packed with fun and a party atmosphere. Above all, a group you will want to see again, these lads are going to be very busy around the clubs with this brilliant act which I think they do so well!.

Alexanders Palace

This week I went to see Alexanders Palace and I had to be in the club early, as this is a top north east band that fills the clubs early wherever they perform and for the Rotherham clubbers, this seems to be a band that always pulls the crowds.
A five piece band that covers songs by Santana, Journey, Meatloaf and Run DMC to name a few.
These lads don't seem to get into Rotherham as much as I'd like them to, but when they do, they are always met by a big audiences, who like what they do . A top band worth looking out for if classic rock songs are your cuppa tea.

Junction 34 / Origin of Working Men’s Clubs

Hi there, went to look at a band unknown to me, called "Junction 34" and was impressed at the singers choice of music. Bri Adams, Beatles and even songs they had written themselves. My daughter and son were present and they thought they were ok as well.
Here’s a group that can please all ages, so look out for them and take your Granny as well, as I'm sure there's a song or two even she’s going to like.

Right this one is for John ... He asked me if I knew "Who started the Working Men's Clubs off" ? (What a stupid question when your downing your tenth bottle...)

The Clubs were started by Rev Henry Solly, in London in 1862. He was the first paid club secretary (1863) but wanted the clubs "teetotal", so quit when beer was brought into the clubs.

Beer ! Bingo ! Groups ? Nah ! I'm with Solly on this one, it will never catch on . Will it ??

Herringthorpe WMC / Eastwood View / Jimmy Carroll /No Jackets

January 18 - Well now Christmas and the New Year parties are over its back to the clubs and buying my own beer again. Had a look at Herringthorpe WMC which has had a recent refurbishment of the concert room and is still one of the cheapest bar priced clubs in Rotherham and must have one of the steepest car parks in the UK, which can be fun if you come out drunk and theres ice and snow around. Anyway i decided to look in at the Eastwood as Jimmy Carroll was on with the Duo "No Jackets"
Jimmy fills the houses he performs at and is good fun if you don't mind the "F-word". The only advice I can give is if you haven't seen him before is go to the loo and get your beer , then stay in your seat, you will soon see why .

No Jackets is a Duo and, as the name implies, they do cover songs of Genesis and Phil Collins and are good at what they do. They are worth looking at if your a Collins fan .
Thanks Angus
That plug for the clubs has got to be worth a pint or two - off both of ‘em................ all these clubs need now is a brand new website each and folk will be queueing for miles!

2 out of 3

The group I saw on Saturday was "2 out of 3" made up of three good lads Neil , Paul and Rick and I was telling them of your Brill site. They gave me their photo to show to you.

If you get the time to go see them , I would recommend that you do. 1st spot is Meatloaf and 2nd Bri Adams,Bon Jovi etc.
Thanks Angus
More details about this group can be found at their website


December 20th - Eastwood Club - Teazer were playing. They are a six piece "live" band who are an old favourite with all ages.
The band are fronted by Pete and Sally.
Pete sings "Rock Classics" by Journey, Meatloaf etc whilst Sally (from Pop Idols 1) does Avril Lavine and current chart songs and being a live band you can expect any song that takes their fancy,or the crowd if they ask them nicely.

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